Goodbye... for now!

2017-03-20 22:55:34 by VocaloidEX

Hello everyone, I want to inform you that I will not be very active, since I start classes in 2 days and I will not be very active, you may upload one or another animation or drawing, but it can be every 1 month (and if you ask Because I worry a lot is that I have 2 years to finish classes and go to university) I will miss you a lot :'c

And remember... this is not goodbye, it's a see you soon! :')


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2017-03-20 23:43:45

I'll see you soon. Love u dude lololol

VocaloidEX responds:

I have 2 days to be able to do another animation or drawing, I have to take the opportunity AAAAAHH


2017-03-21 03:32:21

aaaaw geeez don't worry about it nobody cares anyway...
oooh shiiii sorry that's only me who has no friends ohohoh sorry sorry... come back soon then!!! :3

VocaloidEX responds:

And if you do not mind to comment?