2017-04-25 20:40:07 by VocaloidEX

Hello everyone, today I'm going to bring my last post, I'm going to retire from Newgrounds, I'll leave the animation and drawing, I really liked creating content for you, I really enjoyed reading your comments, but I do not want to do animations anymore No drawings, I have many personal problems and I have no ideas, I will miss you a lot! bye :')

YT Request Songs!

2017-03-27 14:56:23 by VocaloidEX

Hello everyone, I am VocaloidEX, and on this occasion I want to give you a news, for all those who make good music and do not have a little knowledge, you are lucky, I just created a youtube channel for this, in that channel Upload songs (from newgrounds, soundcloud, among others) from you! They just have to send me a PM (private message) telling me which song to upload to my channel, and I will! (This I also do because I have no ideas for animations or drawings) that was all guys, I'll read every request for songs that send me! and thank you so much @BlackHole666 for this logo style TrapNation! i love you >w<


YT Channel Link:


Goodbye... for now!

2017-03-20 22:55:34 by VocaloidEX

Hello everyone, I want to inform you that I will not be very active, since I start classes in 2 days and I will not be very active, you may upload one or another animation or drawing, but it can be every 1 month (and if you ask Because I worry a lot is that I have 2 years to finish classes and go to university) I will miss you a lot :'c

And remember... this is not goodbye, it's a see you soon! :')

Thank you so much Soni! :3

2017-03-18 18:55:24 by VocaloidEX

Hello everyone, on this occasion I want to thank you @SoniKawaii For a beautiful drawing he did for me :'3 I would like to be supported because he really deserves it! (My name is not a wolf, it's an old username that was "ItzMayikWolfie" xD)


Follow SoniKawaii:


Look The Draw!:



See you next time :D

Newgrounds Discord Server Coming Soon!!

2017-03-16 00:59:04 by VocaloidEX

Hello everyone! This time I want to bring you a little news...

With the help of @BlackHole666 and @LightSkyNG We are creating a discord server for the people of this community! :)


For now it is in progress, but when I finish it I will let you know and I will also leave you the link so that you can join! :3


Goodbye >w<

Future Projects!! :)

2017-03-11 21:12:25 by VocaloidEX

Hello! I hope you are well, I am VocaloidEX and I will tell you my future projects that I will upload to this beautiful page, before I start I want to thank you all for the support of my animations, I am sincerely happy :')

Well, now if I start to put the future projects, I will put them in order (Games, Movies, Audio and Art)
Ok, Let' Go!




I do not know an application where you can make android games to upload here




I have many ideas for animations with FlipaClip, I'm doing 3 animations and one that is special




Here will only put the titles of future songs xD


Black Coast - TRNDSTTR (VocaloidEX Remix)


Hatsune Miku - No Shoushitsu (VocaloidEX Remix)


VocaloidEX - VocaloidERZ


The ChainSmokers - Don't let me down (VocaloidEX Remix)


That's what there will be ... for now :3


I do not think I make drawings, when I uploaded a drawing of Miku, newgrounds I delete it :c


A friend and I are creating a Discord server for the people of this community :)

Well, this is it, I see them in the next and thanks for reading everything ^3^



2017-03-09 20:00:29 by VocaloidEX

Hi everyone, I am VocaloidEX I like anime, make animations, Music, among other things, I hope you like my content! :)

Attentively: VocaloidEX ^^